Nathan K. Brendle Foundation

What We Do

We honor our passed loved ones and continue their legacy by contributing to a better world.

Grief Assistance

We are committed to providing resources and information to families who have lost children to deal with the sorrow and grief experienced by their passing.


We believe in sharing experiences and knowledge that can save lives. We strive to educate our communities and keep safety at the forefront of everything we do.


We understand the importance of education. We wish to honor passed loved ones by proving the youth with an opportunity for a better future.

CPR Training

Through CPR, AED, and First Aid training, we educate parents and caregivers on how to respond to emergencies and save lives.

Your generous donation will help us achieve our goal of raising child safety awareness and provide life saving classes within our communities.

Our Mission

Nathan K. Brendle Foundation is a non-profit (501 (c) (3)) organization that is supported by generous people like you, with no paid staff. We are a community dedicated to continuing the legacy of our passed loved ones.
Driven to honor and celebrate the lives of our passed loved ones.

We believe that life is a precious gift. A gift that should not be forgotten when our loved ones pass away. Nathan K. Brendle Foundation is dedicated to ensuring that the memory of our loved ones thrive in our lives and the lives of others.

By raising awareness of childhood safety topics and providing resources for those who may be grieving the loss of a child, we engage in our communities and commemorate our passed loved ones.

Our integrity and compassion drives us to be responsible stewards of our limited resources to reach as broad an audience as possible to maximize our impact. Through charitable acts, we hope to contribute to a better world and honor the memory of our passed loved ones.


    Cultivates generosity and affirms our commitment to serving others.


    Inspires trust by maintaining high standards that are consistent with our values.


    Requires us to cultivate relationships and drives us to optimize our resources.


    Comforting those who have lost loved ones affirms our responsibility and commitment to our mission.

Our Board

We are a dedicated team of volunteers who are passionate about our mission.
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Founder & Executive Director
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Secretary & Treasurer
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Jared Teets

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Officer & Honorary Member
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Georgia Davis

Board Advisor

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Creating awareness and capitalizing on opportunities to save lives


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